How We’re Keeping Our Practices Clean and Safe in the Wake of COVID

Published on November 10, 2021
How We’re Keeping Our Practices Clean and Safe in the Wake of COVID

How We’re Keeping Our Practices Clean and Safe in the Wake of COVID

Hygiene and infection control has always been a top priority at National Dental Care Group and the coronavirus pandemic has required us to take additional measures to ensure the highest standards of safety and minimise the risk of virus transmission. In an effort to keep our patients as safe as possible, we’ve introduced a number of COVID-19 protocols within all our dental practices. Check out our handy guide on what to expect when you visit your local National Dental Care or DB Dental practice, so you can continue seeing your dentist without any worries.

Before your visit

When you book your dental appointment, we’ll ask a few questions that help us to reduce the risk of a COVID-positive patient attending the practice.

This screening will include questions such as:

● Whether you’ve been overseas in the last 14 days

● Whether you’ve been in contact with anyone suffering from COVID-19

● Whether you’re experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, sore throat, and/or shortness of breath

These questions allow us to screen patients for COVID risks before they visit our practice. By taking the time to answer these questions, you’re helping us keep our practices, staff, and patients safe.

Arriving at the practice

When you arrive at the dental practice, you’ll need to wear a mask and apply hand sanitiser prior to entry. We’ll also ask you to sign in using the QR code provided and adhere to social distancing requirements.

You’ll notice that all our staff members will be wearing masks too and will practise good hand hygiene before and after any physical interactions, such as touching pens, payment machines, forms etc.

If you’ve come with a companion, they’ll need to wait outside the practice - we’ll contact them when your appointment is finished.

Unfortunately, you won’t find things like magazines or tea and coffee facilities available in our practices at the moment - this is to reduce potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus and we appreciate your understanding.

During your appointment

When you enter the treatment room, we’ll ask you to keep your mask on - you’ll be able to remove it when instructed by the dentist or dental assistant, who’ll both be wearing masks and full standard personal protective equipment (PPE). In terms of the dental treatments themselves, you won’t notice any difference in the way these are undertaken.

After your appointment

Once your session is finished, you’ll be asked to put your mask back on and apply hand sanitiser before you return to the waiting area.

When you’ve exited the treatment room, our staff will clean it thoroughly, including wiping all surfaces such as doors, door handles, benches, monitors, chairs, etc. to ensure the space is fully sanitised for the next patient.

If you need to make a payment at reception, it’s best if you can do this using a contactless card method where possible. We’ll also have hand sanitiser available on the reception desk, so feel free to use this if you’ve interacted with our EFTPOS machine.

Infection control

As per Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, we’ve increased environmental cleaning within our dental practices.

In addition to our normal cleaning protocols, this includes more frequent wiping down of high-traffic areas such as:

• Reception desks

• Pens & EFTPOS machines

• Phones

• Keyboards and mouse

• Door handles/push plates

• Waiting Rooms

• Bathrooms

• Staff Kitchen

• Kids Areas

We appreciate your cooperation in reducing the spread of COVID and keeping our practices safe and hygienic. If you’d like more information on our COVID-19 protocols - or to make an appointment - contact your local practice.

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