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Becoming a dentist with Dr Zaid Al Momani

Picture a young Dr. Zaid, only a child himself, going to his dad’s medical practice after school. Communication is key as a dentist and “my dad being a Paediatrician taught me how to talk to younger patients,” says Zaid. Explaining how “his tone would change, and the language he’d use would shift. I was only in primary school myself, and the kids were a similar age to me and I would see them relax with his patience and calm demeanor. He explained things in terms they understood and his approach calmed their parents too who could naturally be nervous.”

Dr Zaid’s mum influenced him as much as his dad so “when I was accepted to study medicine, I chose dentistry instead because it combined art and medicine. My mum is in fine arts and I have a real interest in the way you can craft smiles as a dentist.”

Dentists work with their hands and they give patients improved appearances as well as improved health outcomes. Dentists, like Dr. Zaid, who choose to have a special interest in smile reconstructions can see a patient’s physical appearance and attitude transform with changes to their teeth.

Communication is key

Regardless of the treatment, every patient should understand the options available to them. Understanding a patient’s goals and concerns is key to delivering a result they can be happy with. National Dental Care sees communication and good “chair-side manner”, as one of the points of difference we can offer our patients.

“I enjoy treating a variety of patients,” says Dr. Zaid, who has worked across the United Kingdom in restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. “I have worked with a range of people from pediatric to geriatric.” Noting the latter can require “a little more patience and TLC.”

Dr. Zaid has also performed sleep dentistry a number of times and says “I take a lot of pride in giving anxious patients a new positive outlook. You can win trust and I have had many instances of performing sleep dentistry for patients who are particularly nervous, and then after undergoing treatment once, they don’t need to undergo sleep dentistry again because they know what to expect and they trust you. It’s a great feeling to remove that fear and make someone feel comfortable and at ease in a situation that previously made them scared.”

Dr Zaid Almomani

Dr Zaid Almomani in the Lead Dentist in Alexandra Hills, Brisbane.

Home in Alexandra Hills 

“Today I am still new to Alexandra Hills, but I’ve lived in Queensland for three and a half years,” says Dr Zaid who enjoys the warm weather and beach lifestyle that Australia offers.

“The team have made me feel really welcome here. The practice manager Amanda Colefax, and practice development manager Julian Heelis are very collaborative and keen for me to bring my own ideas to the team. My nurse is phenomenal, she is really well trained.”

As well as the team, and lifestyle becoming Dr Zaid he enjoys the variety as “every patient has different needs and I really enjoy a range of procedures. I definitely value restorative dentistry and I can perform crowns, bridges and veneers. I definitely appreciate seeing my patients smile after major smile transformations and the vast difference in their before and after photos. I know transforming people’s smiles can be life-changing.”

Dr Zaid is experienced with surgical removal of wisdom teeth and confident in using sleep dentistry to carry out all dental treatment to anxious patient whilst they are asleep. Book your appointment with Dr. Zaid Al Momani and the Alexandra Hills dentist team today.

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