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The fear of going to the dentist is not an uncommon sensation. In fact, it is a widely recognised phenomenon and has a number of special names: dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, and dental anxiety.

Many of our patients tell us that their fear of the dentist comes from a poor earlier dental experience.

At National Dental Care practices, our dentists, therapists and hygienists are committed to providing you with the most comfortable experience possible.

All our staff and our dentists, therapists and hygienists are trained to focus entirely on you and help you through the dental experience. We approach all our patients this way, but for our most anxious patients, we have additional solutions, such as:

  • Taking the time to listen to our patients’ concerns about going to the dentist
  • Improved pain relief and anxiety relieving techniques, such as sedation, also known as “happy gas”
  • Technical breakthroughs in equipment to reduce or eliminate pain
  • Tools and equipment to reduce the length of procedures and minimise time in the chair
  • Increased education and communication around the treatment options, specific procedures and expected outcomes of the dental work

Your National Dental Care dentists and therapists are experienced in supporting anxious adults and children, so take the time to talk to them about your fears.

If your dental anxiety is preventing you from making an appointment it could be impacting on your dental and overall health. Contact your local National Dental Care practice to see how they can help you.

Some services we offer to make your dental care experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible include:

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