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Our philosophy is based around forming a partnership with you. Our top-quality dental care starts with talking you through every stage of your treatment and options. By being fully informed, we can both decide on the right direction, together.
We’ve created a relaxed and comfortable practice, offering exceptional service in an exceptional facility. Our team are passionate and skilled professionals specialising in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and dental implants. As a recognition of our championing of comfort and technology, National Dental Care Algester was awarded Best Health Care Facility in Queensland.


This specialty primarily deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws. Interestingly, the word ‘orthodontics’ literally means ‘straight teeth.’ Delivering a genuine boost to a patient’s confidence is an important part of what we do.

Orthodontics is often associated with teenage braces, but the range of contemporary products and procedures available will make you think again. This area of dentistry is used to correct the misalignments that cause teeth to wear unevenly or break easily, to avoid other dental issues by making teeth easier to clean, and to create a comfortable bite with reduced wear on enamel and jaws. Orthodontics also gives lasting improvements without the upkeep of other options, as well helping prevent neck ache and headaches stemming from your jaw.

Ethos Orthodontics

Algester Dental has merged with National Dental Care. As a result, as well as providing the same personalised care for our patients, we deliver specialised orthodontic care through the team at Ethos Orthodontics.

At Ethos Orthodontics, steadfast professional ethics are the core of our business and we only recruit team members who feel the same. Our experienced orthodontists know exactly how to deliver an accurate diagnosis and institute a methodical treatment plan.

Whether treating adults, teens or kids, we design our treatments to deliver outstanding results. We use a tailored approach and plan a treatment attuned to your individual needs, budget and lifestyle. We recognise that orthodontic treatment is constantly evolving and that’s why we trial and evaluate all the latest technologies to bring you all the products, techniques and treatments currently available, such as like Invisalign, Incognito and Clarity Advanced.

Having treated teens and kids for over 20 years, our orthodontic team will always take the time to communicate when, how and if your child needs treatment. At Ethos, we know how to make the dental process fun and approachable.

You can book your appointment with us at National Dental Care Algester online now.

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