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With restrictions now easing slightly, and in some cases permitting two people plus their children to visit another house, it’s just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th of May. It’s important to appreciate and praise all women who have one of the hardest and most thankless jobs in the world!

However, everyone’s circumstances are a little different, a lot of people don’t live in the same state or even country as their Mum, may be unable to see them until border restrictions are lifted, some may have parents who are vulnerable or elderly, and so it’s not appropriate to visit in person at the moment.

The good news it, you don’t need to see your Mum in person to let her know how much you love and appreciate her, there are numerous ways to show that with a creative and caring flair. At NDC/DB Dental Group we love a beautiful happy smile, so we’ve pulled together a list of 5 things to help make your mum smile from afar this Mother’s Day.

1) Bake and drop – delicious treats dropped off at her doorstep

I’m sure a lot of us remember our mums cooking in the kitchen when we were younger, delicious smells wafting throughout the house. You may have even spent a few nights cooking together, or learning family recipes from her. Those are some of the little things that parents reminisce about and cherish the most. So what better way to remind your mum of those happy memories than baking her some fresh goods, or sending her a delivery if you live too far away?

Whether you choose a cake, muffins, bread, or another delectable item, see if you can make it from scratch. She’ll appreciate it even more knowing you took the time to find and mix the ingredients. Alternatively, order it from her favourite bakery or patisserie if possible. Drop the delicious treat off at her front door with a wave and a virtual kiss, and watch that smile light up her face!

2) Video chat – the new normal for families and friends

Whether you use FaceTime, WhatsApp, House Party or any other platform, video calling to catch up with friends and family has become the new normal in 2020. Due to social distancing laws, visiting loved ones has been near impossible and virtual parties have become the new big Saturday night.

Some apps, such as House Party, have interactive games and trivia which can spice up a video call and ensure everyone in the family has a fun time. There are lots of ways to get creative such as creating your own trivia questions to do with the family, or even watching a movie or virtually baking together over video chat. If you can’t see your mum in person this Sunday, then schedule a video call and have a virtual cheers together instead!

3) Handmade card – get creative for this special day

Instead of buying a generic card from the shops this Mother’s Day, why not get your creative DIY juices flowing and make one from scratch? You can personalise the message, add a photo inside, include a heartfelt note and use colours and patterns that you know that she loves. No matter how good you are at arts and crafts, your mum will appreciate the thought and knowing it’s homemade.

If you struggle putting words onto paper, hop online to find some inspiration. Perfect for your mum, grandma, aunt, mother-in-law, or any other influential female figure in your life, get cracking on a personalised Mother’s Day card and it will be one-of-a-kind, just like your mum!

4) Pamper pack – isolation shouldn’t stop your mum from pampering herself

Everyone needs a bit of self-care right now, so a pamper pack is the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. With nail salons, beauticians, day spas and some hair dressers being closed at the moment, she’s probably ready to create an at home spa experience!

Send her a basket including some feel-good essentials like a manicure or pedicure kit, scented candles, sumptuous moisturisers, and face masks. You could even include a bottle of her favourite champagne or box of tea leaves to really enhance the relaxation session. After a day of using her special pamper pack, she won’t be able to wipe the smile off of her face!

5) Flowers – who doesn’t love a bunch of beautiful blooms?

A classic gift that never fails to impress is a beautiful bunch of flowers. Although people sometimes think this gift is clichéd, it’s one that mums don’t always buy themselves and flowers last longer than just the day itself. Bring a beautiful burst of colour to her doorstep this Sunday by dropping off the bouquet yourself, or having them delivered.

Include a handwritten note or personalised message with the delivery, telling her how much you love and appreciate her. The flowers will usually last up to a week and the message will hold a sentimental place in her heart forever.


At NDC/DB Dental we are all about smiles! If you need assistance with yours, please don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly team members on 13 TEETH or book online today.


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